Wednesday, October 10, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 10/10: Closing Comments

What can I say? My plan was to keep those shippers after buying it from a pullback but decided to sell DRYS and EXM anyway this morning when it looked like it has topped already.

I also sold all my GOOG options calls because the stock could go sideways from here and you know that it's not good for option premium plus how can I refuse ringing the cash register with 800% gain. But I'm keeping my stock position for further price appreciation.

Selling CELG and CIEN might have been pre-mature but seeing RVBD moved like some top mojo has eased the pain. Still, AMZN keeps torturing me with should I close and miss the impending move or stay with the trade and keep chipping away at my patience.

And how about that BIDU and VMW? I actually sold 1/2 of my positions just in case October lives up to its reputation.

I also picked up some BCSI this morning and who knew APPL will take the day off.


Ragin' Cajun said...

Sweet! I sold my GOOG options on Monday (too early), I still made 650% which is not bad. I still own the common as well, and will continue to hold for further appreciation.

Your blog is quickly become one of my favs. Keep up the good work Pinoy.

Love your work.

MC said...

Thanks Ragin'. GOOG just keeps giving.