Monday, October 08, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 10/8: Trades

Closed my CIEN CELG positions. Bought FMCN RVBD AMZN


Gary said...

i am good day trader but a bad swing trader and I ve learnt a lot from your site--The only reason I am posting this comment is just to show you that even a seasoned professional ( if I am not being immodest) is learning from your site.

Too often I have seen comments berating you in the past from people who are sceptics and losers (not just in trading)--keep up the good work--I am glad you didnt let comments like that keep you from showing us your good work--keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Pinoy is nothing more than a rich guy who has too much money and blows it on expensive cars like a new M5 and other garbage. The world is going down and you go out and buy more luxury items. Couldn't you find something better to do with all those ill gotten gains. Every stock and option trade you make turns to gold which hurts the little guy like me trying to understand what the heck you are doing. I cannot stand people like you and if I ever saw you I would punch your lights out and spit in your face. Sorry but I will not kiss some snobs rear just to be cool on the internet.

MC said...


Thanks for your kind words. The blogsite is my way of giving back to others that have help me in the past.


Ouch!!! The negativity is not good for your trading mind. How will my trading hurt you?


taking responsibility said...

I think the attitude of that anonymous guy is pretty much the reason he's failing. Instead of blaming himself and taking responsibility he's acting like a three year old and pointing fingers at others instead of working on becoming a better person first and then a better trader will follow. As long as he has that negative jealous attitude karma will come back and set things straight because he will be always stuck wasting time blaming someone else instead of learning.

It's not like Pinoy is doing something special and difficult he's already pretty much laid how he trades: buy stocks that breakout on good patterns and that have already been filtered beforehand with good fundamentals such as earnings growth, etc.

Learn to read what a dumba$$!

MC said...

Taking responsibility,

Could have not said it better. Thanks.