Friday, October 05, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 10/5: All in a day's work

What can I say? I woke up this morning, looked at the pre-market quotes and the futures and everything just looked peachy.

Most of my positions moved big today...some of the stocks i picked up yesterday such as CHL, DRYS, EXM, LFC as pullback setup thades did not offer good entry points today to load up.

My patience is running out for AMZN and CROX. And by the way, Wallstreak is having problems the whole day.

My core positions in order of allocation ( with 2x margin buying power almost used up)
  1. aapl
  2. vmw
  3. bidu + Call Options
  4. goog + Call Options
  5. cien
  6. isrg + Call Options
  7. pcln
  8. celg
  9. cmg
  10. ma
  11. bx
  12. nmx
  13. chl, sid, drys, exm, lfc ( all picked up yesterday )

Forgot to mention that I sold BWLD and DAKT today trying to clear some capital.


Allan said...

SNCR in nice position for to take out all time high...although volume is questionable. :-)

MC said...

allan, I complete agree with you on that. There are other stocks that could offer better risk/reward set-up.