Wednesday, August 27, 2008

An AAPL a day

I'm currently loaded with some solar (LDK STP) and some oil stocks.

Then there's AAPL which I believe is trying to make me look like an insane person shouting 'any day now' every time I see the chart and the fucker do not even budge a little. I tell you, it has a mind of its own. I truly believe that this stock is trying to give me all I can get so that I lose my mind and run to the store and buy ipods and stuffs.

But enough of that. I would like to update you about Focker, my trading robot which I started to rebuild in a newer much better technology. It's half way done and I started running it to see what it has. But this newer version is more robust and much more profitable. It even has a new quantitative modeling engine that does not skip a beat in picking top stocks. Here's a sample of the stocks that it cranked out last Monday.

Most of these stocks move over 10% and almost no risk.

Focker is almost everything I am and every thing that I wish I can be as a trader.

I kid you not, the day of the clone wars in the stock market is near and they will all reduce us to mere spectators.

But don't get any idea about trying to steal this robot, it's so smart the moment it smells trouble, it transforms itself into a juke box look-alike and it even plays 99 red balloons just to confuse you.


reno said...

nice picks from your "focker" trading robot. the only one that seemed weird was NVTL though. but 1 bad one out of a bunch of good ones is really nice. i guess time will tell if "focker" was just lucky or if it will be a consistent picker.

I've tried automating using StockFetcher but haven't really come across a consistent algorithm as of yet to pull money out of the stock markets.

Tried a few months ago writing my own C# autotrendline rendered based on swing pivots and detecting price crosses of the trendlines which has yielded a little bit of profit based on historical backtesting but not enough for me to consider turning it on live yet. Anyhow this gives me inspiration to go back and revisit it to see if I can somehow make it better.

MC said...


Some parts of focker has been trading for over a year with high win rate and consistency. The new quantitative engine that I have added picked those stocks and based on my historical has a win rate of over 85% on a 2 day holding time frame with average return of 16% and max drawdown of 5%.

YoungChuck said...

Very interesting this Focker. I will have to start collecting jukeboxes now or at least check them for a USB. Your right on aapl looks like it may not be tommorow also with dell crapping the bed.

Anonymous said...

you are full of shit sir - stop making up Bull

MC said...

@youngchuck, yup AAPL is like a torn in my expensive and no immediate return

@anon, i maybe be full of shit but I'm sure to be a lot monnied that you will ever be fucker...and before you throw around some comments like that be sure to show who you are

Market Monk said...


What exactly is Focker? Are you using a software package as a base and running code on top of it?


MC said...


Focker is an automated trading software that I built from the ground up and has just recently re-coded in c# and .net platform.

Market Monk said...

Wow, that's a lot of work you put into creating it. What was it about the existing platforms that did not meet your needs?

Sorry maybe I am confused as when I look at software packages they all have different levels of capabilities. Basic features like the ability to download and chart various symbols. Then some packages allow you to scan for conditions (RSI < 2, etc.) Then even fewer allow you to create trading rules and backtest them to see how those rules work out under various market conditions. And yet even fewer allow you to Autotrade those rules by connecting the system up to a broker.

So is Focker the last part (the trading system) or is it everything I mentioned above?

MC said...


Focker is a complete system...scanner using some quantitative and qualitative engines, trade management and risk management.

I build the Focker using C#, .NET and some API from a broker.

- pinoy