Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A humble retreat on AMZN, NIHD

I closed my AMZN and NIHD positions yesterday as the prices moved below my stop point. I will press my bet on LDK AAPL and picked up some GMXR APA WLL.


BullPreacher said...

Appreciate your posts. It seems as if you are one of the most successful and consistently profitable traders I have seen. I noticed from you getting stopped out on NIHD and AMZ, that apparrently in addition to entering you trades ahead of time (your post on LDK) it seems you utilize tight FIRM stops. When you have time, would you please confirm and elaborate if possible.

THANKS for sharing, with some of us who are desperately trying to learn.


MC said...


I you look around in my blogsite, I'm pretty sure that you can find the mechanics on how I enter and exit trades. But I'll try to write-up a post about one of these days.