Thursday, June 28, 2007

LIVE Trading Room JUNE month-end review

For the month of June, I have started with $10,000 of capital with $20,000 buying power using margin. I took 7 trades of which 3 gave small losses and 4 ended as winners. The total return for the month is 31%.

Trade Seq Symbol Profit /Loss
1 FMCN -$138.00
2 HANS -$220.00
3 CF $1,023.00
4 JCG $766.50
5 HANS -$240.00
6 RVBD $272.00
7 JASO $1,717.00


All comments, reviews, suggestions and criticisms are welcome.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I don't want to be your cheerleader but those are pretty amazing results, especially if you annualize the return. Good lesson in money management - cutting your losses and taking profits. What people need to understand though is those returns are based on running a very concentrated portfolio, i.e., one or two stock holdings, which has some serious risks if the price gaps down below your stop. Thanks so much for sharing. - Edwin

Anonymous said...

what do you think of BIDU. Entry was at 158

reno said...

That is amazing stuff! Imagine how fast that 10k would grow if you able to maintain 30% growth rate a month. That's more revenue growth than most companies in the S&P get lol! From my spreadsheet calculations a 30% return each month would get you to almost 233K in 12 months which is around 2230% return on the initial 10k.

Do you think you could consider resetting the portfolio to 10K either after each month or after two or three months?

Anonymous said...

Nice results.

How do you place your initial stops? Do you use $1 from entry, recent daily swing low, fixed $ risk per trade or do you use some other type of initial stop?

Your answer would be of great help to me.


Anonymous said...

great trading for the month penny.

Tom T. said...

SOme of your posts mention using fib analysis but I do not see the extensions drawn on your chart. Can you explain how/where you plot the fib lines? Also, although the charts are pretty self-explanatory to the most experienced of traders - it would be nice if you posted more comments on what you see in the charts to get in or get out. - I realize you use this site as more of a journaling of your trades rather than serve as an education but if you wanted to educate we could use more analysis - great job on the trading! One last question - what has been more profitable - swing trading or daytrading?

MC said...

Tom T.,

I will try to add more notes/comments on the trades to explain methods I use.

As for swing trading vs day trading...I'm profitable on both but I make more on position/swing trades because of the nature of my method which is to pyramid my buys as price moves in my direction. For day trading, I limit my position to certain size.


Prospectus said...

Great job, Pinoy! Thanks for sharing this info. The non-real time trading room has been a big help to me.