Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Daily Journal 2/12 & Yesterday's trade

Due to the unfortunate situation where some individual/s used the postings in this blogsite maliciously in YAHOO message board, it would be irresponsible on my part if I continued posting in the same format. I will try a new format tonight.

Trades I took yesterday ( sorry no charts for these trades)

Gainers: ONXX ICE BW
Loser: FMCN


august said...

Sorry about the incident at Yahoo message board. But I don't think you have to come up with a new format. Just post it at the end of the day, which means don't try to post it real time. After all, this blog is your own journal and reflection.

Anonymous said...

Totally understood...people can review your site for your method.

Sorry it came to this end. We all appreciate your sharing with us...we need good models and you are one!! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Why are you letting these things get to you? Anytime you post a public blog, no matter if its about trading stocks or about photography or about vacationing in Florida, your going to get all kinds of weird people flaming and posting contrary opinions. These type of incidents are the RULE, not the exception.

10 years ago in Maryland, I witnessed bunch of white college students enter a Chinese restaurant drunk yelling racial slurs at the owners. If the restaurant closed or changed its format over the incident, then the white college guys would have won.

By changing your format, or even seeming like your effected in the slightest way, you give these malicious posters the sense of winning. They feel like they hit a nerve and have a sense of victory.

When someone posts a malicious statement, then simply ignore it and move on. Showing them that you care makes them feel like winners. Dont give them that satisfaction.

Anonymous said...

Let me say one more thing. Do not change your format in the slightest. Post the dollar amounts, throw up the tickets and make sure the flag flys up high. If these things bother those malicious posters so much, then you shouldnt take them down or else they win.

Bill said...

Its sad that a sleeze like newtraderg can say just about anything and get away with it.

Reviewed a couple of newtraderg posts. The guy has no credibility and little common sense. Claims he was given insider trading info from his friend Steve Jobs. Fat chance!

JamesJJ said...

I agree and think you should do what you were doing before and not read the emails from jealous people wanting you to change. Why does it matter if you post your gains. Screw those bloggers and comments that tell you what to do with YOUR blog. I can name five blogs that post $ p/l everyday and dont get criticized. The way you ran this blog a few weeks ago was the best way.
Well wishes to u mc.