Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Daily Journal 1/30

Today, I started the day in disarray all because I watched too much TV (ROME from HBO, WOWOWE from The Filipino Channel ) last night and I was not able to do my nightly routine to scan the charts and prepare my trade plan for the day. I decided in the morning to just jump head first and trade my way out. I took 3 positions that can be graded as B- trade setups. By the time better setups came out of the scan, I was busy defending my positions instead of pouncing on these new opportunities.

To make matters worse, I had to switch to mobile platform ( fancy term for can't stop trading but had to do more important things than trading) by midday. Whoever said that you can trade from a far away beach with just your mobile device while watching the babes walk by and a cool pinacolada by your side must be full of B.S. Trading from TREO or motoQ is so uncomfortable, my fingers hurt and it felt like I get the cramps once in a while. To add insult to injury, I kept hitting some other keys from this QWERTY keyboard plus the transmission is still slow.

Total Trades taken today:6(day trades)
Day trade Winners :6
Day trade Losers :0
R Total: +8.4
Total daytrade P/L for today: $4697


Zoomie said...

Thank you for posting your trades. I am learning a lot from your charts. How long have you been daytrading?

mc said...

Thanks for visiting my blog Zoomie!

I know your from the other blogsites that i visit. Glad that my site helps other traders. It's a reciprocal process because I also learn from other sites. I've been trading for over 11 years.

Stockcoach said...

Kumusta ka MC, very interesting blog .. I will definitely be a frequent visitor.

mc said...

Maraming salamat StockCoach. I'm a frequent visitor your site stockcoach.blogspot.com.