Friday, September 11, 2009

Current Positions

Summer is over and the 4th quarter is upon us. It's time to make sure that I don't give up any gains I have made and to accelerate my activity to add more to my bottom line before the year ends.

My money is distributed 30% on each of the position with the remaining 10% for intra-day/short term activities. FAS and OIH are both Option CALL contracts positions that I have built over time (2/3 months) and STEC is 2 times leveraged using margin.

Trade Well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pinoy,

Welcome back


MC said...

Thanks @Anon


Anonymous said...


Is there anyway we can get you to make regular postings again? Im not asking for a daily post, but how about a weekly post with a good setup or two?

Your postings in the past really helped me as a trader. I followed how you constructed each of the setups posted and it improved my abilities.

I know you dont get anything monetarily from posting and it does take time away from yourself, but rest assured that it does reach out and helps us all with our trading.

I thank you for your posts in the past and hope that you can see to at least make one posting per week so we can look on and learn how you do it. I look forward to your posts in the future and again thank you for your assistance.

Anonymous said...

Check out SWKS all data chart