Monday, April 13, 2009

My home network

was attacked by a vicious computer virus that wiped out some of my hard drives. I wish death and ultimate destruction to those people who created these viruses.

I have been cleaning and reimaging my computers for the last 3 weeks.

Aside from that, like is peachy for me. Spring is here, nice sunlight outside, warm temperature and marking is giving me much blessings.

My top holdings

500K shares of C, 25K shares of AAPL, 100K shares of FAS, 10K shares of V, 20K shares of AMZN+ some options, 150 Call options contracts of GOOG


BullPreacher said...


Sorry to hear about your misfortune with virus. I still can't understand why someone would want to cause so much trouble and damage, when there is nothing in it for them.

Looks like you set up your portfolio just right.

You are simply amazing.

Good luck and BeBlessed

Anonymous said...


I am a little bit concern about your C position right now and I hope you would sell at least down to your initial investment level. You can let the rest ride out as long as your own money is not being at risk.


MC said...

@BullPreacher, thanks for you kind words.

@ZZtop, I already dump most of my previous holdings at $4 and repurchased it again at around $2.80s earlier this week. Thanks for your concern.

Trade well,

Anonymous said...


You are WAY faster than my late concern.

Great trade!


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Anonymous said...


Hope your home PC has recovered,and doing well