Thursday, May 29, 2008

I was out but now I'm in again

I can say that a lot given the latest chop fest in the market but I have to say, picking these commodities (oil, ag, solar, metals) at support areas is a gold mine. Don't forget about the shippers (DRYS EXM) and tech (AAPL RIMM SOHU) too.

I also picked up V and MA last Tuesday and added to these positions yesterday.

I'm trying to cast a net and will just refocus my positions as the move goes on. I'm usually not comfortable holding more than 10 positions but with these stocks, you just don't know which one will move big.

Now, go listen to Johnson's Trader Interview with Tim


Johnson's Blog said...

Thanks for the mention PT. How is the fund coming along?

debt consolidation unsecured said...

Hope you can soon update us about everything around the chop fest in the market. In the meantime I'm sticking to tech areas.

Anonymous said...

Hi manny here hope your ok. Drys was up today on conference call happening monday. if call produces good news, uptrend begins?? take care