Friday, May 23, 2008

Bottom fishing time again

Oh the vanity of it. I bottom fished AAPL and SOL again. You can also add NOV to that list.

I sold PBR and MTL at the open and bought IOC from a near perfect set-up.

I am working of the following market themes
  1. Buy oil drillers in every dip to 20 or 50 ema
  2. Buy tech titans when it starts to show some accumulation
  3. Solar is here to stay. It's just a matter of time before Uncle Sam starts plowing serious money into this sector
  4. If everything else fails, buy AAPL
Now, of to make some more money even if I'm already up 238% for this year.


Tyro said...

Good to hear you're still alive and printing money as always. I'm a little flabbergasted that you could be doing so incredibly well. I've been focusing on swing trading since January and feel I've learned some, but I haven't earned much. It's encouraging to see that, even in this market, outsized returns aren't unrealistic, but they sure ain't easy!

Stewie said...

congrats on a stellar year dude. shoot for 500%!!

Anonymous said...

Hello,, Manny here, I was reading your blog today and all your picks during the day were up at different times. Good job keep up the good work and thanks alot. I'm a partime trader, i think lol. NOV solid fundamentals, is this a stock to own or trade as Oil reaches for the sky ?

Anonymous said...

Frankly, I'm disappointed. We're almost halfway through the year. You're going to need to pick up the pace to hit 1000%. Quit messing around...and congrats!-NickHo

madhatter said...

good work, keep it up. love the oil driller buy on dips play.

Prospero said...

Keep the good work. I've been visiting your website everyday for guidance. Thanks.

BullPreacher said...

You are amazing, Thanks for insight.

MC said...

@Tyro, have not heard from you in a while. One thing that help me is having some market themes to work my trades off which usually leads to stocks that are being favored by big guys.

@Stewie, thanks buddy. 500% is a nice target but I usually look for the next 20% only.

@Manny, thanks for visiting. I will hold NOV as long as it does not byte me back.

@NickHo, man has to rest once in a while eh. How's the option market been doing lately. We need to have some rounds of beer in SF sometime this year.

@Madhatter, thanks...running out of oil.

@prosperro, thanks for visiting

@bullpreacher, many thanks...i'm might be just lucky