Thursday, January 24, 2008

Yesterday's action

I was down with a stomach virus yesterday so I stayed home and was able to fire some intra-day trades and occasionally hangout in wallstreak.

As I have mentioned in wallstreak below, I bought new positions in financial sector in MER MS. I also picked some AAPL again at $133 and added to my existing MA position at $177 and $180.

I also closed my solar power positions in JASO and WFR ahead of earnings.
And for my intra-day trades, I mostly took the short side with fix 400 shares/position for faster and easier trade management. Trades taken
  • Short sell BIDU at $265 covered at $245
  • Short sell FSLR at $173 covered at $149
  • Short sell AAPL at $136 coveted at $130
  • Short sell POT at $118 covered at $108
  • Short sell GOOG at $556 covered at $535

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