Thursday, January 24, 2008

Trade Plan for today

For today, I will focus mainly on my existing positions and might try to pick up some retailers. When the goverment effectively give money almost for free...all you need to see is your neighbor coming home with more shopping bags.

Are financial/brokerage stocks showing support at these levels?


Bri said...


Hi! I'm Brian also from the Philippines. Is your blog private? Cause I read an article online about you and I clicked on the link of your blog but I couldn't get in but found a way through your old posts. Ok lang if I can get access? I would greatly appreciate it. I find your blog very informative and it's very refreshing to know na may Pilipino na successful sa trading.

I've been reading the same books and I have been studying the markets for quite some time now. Sobrang challenging sa totoo lang...

Malaki po kayong inspiration.

More Success Sir

Phileo said...

Hi Pinoy,

I take it that VMW is now off your watchlist..... !
What is on your watchlist these days?

Anonymous said...

vmw getting killed today. Good entry point though.

Stewie said...

hey pinoy. where you been dude? we miss you!

Business Marketing said...

Sorry if I sound dumb asking this, but was is a, "pinoy"? Or, what does it mean?

MC said...


Thanks for visiting my blog. Maraming salamat!


Sorry for the late reply man. I will post my watch list next week but by sectors...I'm heavy in solar, agri, oil services


I closed the position a day before the earnings so I was not caught in that drop. Thankfully.


Been busy and taking some chill-off time.

Business Marketing,

Pinoy...slang for Filipino