Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Positions update

As I have mentioned in Wallstreak during our pre-market open chat, I closed all my positions at the open. Granted that the fills are not at the favorable price levels, I still preserved a good chunk of the gains before the market rout upwards or downwards if your inverse-ETF.

I did manage to pick up a few pilot long positions in MA VMA WFR JASO and AAPL.

Update 1/22/2008 5:00PM

Closed AAPL pilot position at $143+ after market for a loss of a little over 4 points.


Glenn said...

Congrats Pinoy, you are a machine.

MC said...

thanks Glenn. I hope that you recover from the losses. You just need to refocus and take it few steps at a time. I will write up a post about the GRID sytem that I use as a framework on how I mange my whole trading activity.