Thursday, December 06, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 12/06:Trading Plan

First, I modified my size parameter yesterday to 300 shares/position so that the my traderbot can churn more trades and I can have more data sampling. But unfortunately the focker choked up yesterday, crashed but did not burn my account.

Aside from AZO and HOKU that it was already holding, the focker bought CHNR CTV MOS CPRT SIGM which is just fine. It's when it tried to buy SNP and CHA that the problem started. For one, there's a minor problem of limited funding on the account so it used up all the buying power already and when it tried to send and order to buy, the orders were rejected.

The focker does not want rejection so it just kept sending orders to buy SNP and CHA and that is where the real fun started. It clogged up its trade log database and it also entered into and infinite repeatition of buy/rejected cycle until it crashed. Focker.

One thing is clear though, this traderbot knows how to buy...but it needs discipline and oh, that very unimportant matter of trade exit.



reno said...

hilarious! however, I'm sure you'll get it all working and it will just start printing money for you.

I've been thinking of writing my own automated trading but am unsure of what strategy to use. Do you mind sharing what the traderbot is doing?

Also, I think you're using Ameritrade, and if so I guess there must be some kind of trading interface? What language/platform are you using to develop the traderbot?

Ragin' Cajun said...

Happy Bday my boy!