Wednesday, December 05, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 12/05:Trading Plan

I sold most of my options last Friday when these stocks started to break-down after a gap up. The price action last Friday meant that the market could go sideways until the fed meeting. Market going sideways would decrease the premium on these contracts. I am just carrying 50 contracts on each of my top 4 positions.

I also added some more to my AMZN CHL VMW positions last Monday and yesterday as these are showing signs of strength.

I sold my remaining position in RIG yesterday when it gapped down.

I will not be doing much today. Just adjusting my trailing stops.

Currently holding in my main porfolio:
  • MA+options
  • AAPL+options
  • GOOG+options
  • BIDU+options
  • CHL
  • VMW
  • AMZN
  • AGU
I'm also currently testing a new price action filter which picked up these positions. All trades are just in 400 shares position size.

It picked up SOLF at $17.30 last Monday and I manually sold 300 shares of the position yesterday at $28+. I'm not really keen on holding this one until next week. It also picked up AZO at $117 yesterday and HOKU at $8.90

Currently holding in my traderbot account:
  • SOLF - traderbot
  • HOKU - traderbot
  • AZO - traderbot

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Teddy DaRussian said...

can you describe the new price action filter please?