Friday, November 09, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 11/9: Trades

I took advantage of the strong burst of buying few minutes after the open to dump all my open positions and quickly move to cash. As I have mentioned in wallstreak, I have expected the gap down to be faded pretty quickly so I took advantage of that strong buying to get out of my positions except for MA and PCLN which I just purchased today.

This week was a very difficult week for me because I was completely out of sync with the market but I fought through by quickly consolidating my positions and reducing my position sizes down which limited the damage to my account.

In hindsight, I believe that what caused me to get into this tail spin is by trying to pick the turns/bottoms for some of the leader stocks VMW AAPL MA etc which is something that don't normally do.

I just know that something was off about my trading this week when I was not making much and even getting stopped/chopped on my positions. In short, I was fighting the tape the whole time.

Now on to my intra-day trades:

  • bought FSLR at $216 in pre-market and sold it at $223+ right after the open
  • bought AAPL at $174 and was stopped at $172.20
  • shorted AAPL at $172 and covered before close at $166
  • bought FSLR @ $209 and $213 and sold at $218

1 comment:

Amit said...

Hey there,

I have been reading your blog for a while and actually liked the content and yr trades..

I am long AAPL since 177, and am super nervous... whats your take on it ? due for a bounce or cut the pain and get out first thing monday morning ?