Thursday, November 08, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 11/8: Trades

When you're wounded, the first and most important action that you have to do is to stop the bleeding and that is what I have done today by fire selling most of my AAPL positions and everything in MOS FMCN AGU NOV at the open.

I plowed some more money into WFR and picked up some TSL at $66.

*****update 4:07pm*****

  • TSL stoped at $64.50
  • AAPL stoped at $184
  • loaded up on MA ($186) AAPL ($172-173) VMW($90)
Current positions: MA AAPL WFR FSLR RIG VMW


Gary said...

good going so far today--shorts working fine and WFR was amazing sold at 80 back in at 77 for swing--good call

Reese said...

MC, thanks for posting the details of your trades. If you use a Darvas/trend style for trading, how do you come to the decision to pick up more AAPL, MA, VMW etc, on a day when they've had severe technical breakdowns? I employ a similar trading strategy as you, but struggle with the decision to pick up some of these leaders when they break down, even though they look like they're on sale now. Thanks in advance and good trading to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pinoy,

It is tough day today.
I hope you are doing OK.

Thanks for your keeping posting your holdings. It is very useful to me.



Anonymous said...


Does PCLN make it to $100 ?


MC said...

thanks. It should continue to move with the rest of the solar sector.


i'm mainly momentum (ala darvas/livermore style) but I can also buy stocks that when I sense that they are ready to turn.


I'm doing a lot better after I focused my positions. Have by all means with the list.


Afterhours quote is showing $98+ already.