Monday, November 26, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 11/26:F$*CKG FKFJ


***update 11/27 2:40am****

I was able to sell 1/2 of my MA Jan 200 option calls for $8.90 and I'm keeping the rest for a possible run towards the all-time high. I also sold 1/2 of my GOOG Jan 700 option calls today for over 180% gain and keeping the rest of a possible move to all-time high.

As the market plunged again, I was a stopped on my remaining BIDZ and all of my PCLN positions when these stocks under-cut the breakout area. I sell trigger for 1/2 of my BIDZ position was activated when the price hit $22.25 which is the 200% Fib extension.

The rest of my pilot positions were chopped up and so my remaining long positions are:

RIG AAPL MA+options GOOG+options

Bought inverse etf SRS at $115 and as also picked the following Put option contracts:
  1. RIMM Jan 100 Put option contracts $6.00
  2. VMW Jan 75 Put option contracts at $8.10
  3. DRYS Jan 75 Put option contracts at $9.40


Abel said...

Don't you think you should ne looking for shorts?

Robert Kiyosaki said...

be cool man

Denarii said...

I could have said it better or more clear

MC said...


I already purchased some put option calls to hedge my porfolio

robert kiyosaki,

thanks for the advise and thanks for visiting.


And this market shit can replay itself again tomorrow. I love trading!