Tuesday, November 20, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 11/20:Trades

I'll explain all my trades in one sentence.

Sold 1/2 of FLSR when it failed to break above yesterday's high while I was loading up on AAPL RIMM CRM RIG GOOG and some MA Jan 200 Call options at $5.20 after it spiked down during that panic selling and while all of these are happening, PCLN is trying to make me cry.

Also, my friend Ragin Cajun has turned into some coin banking blogging machine.


Ragin' Cajun said...

What a crazy day!

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

Anonymous said...

You swiping up blocks of ETFC down here around 4 bucks pinoy? Looks like an easy gain to me.

Zoomie said...

LOL @ PCLN comment. Something tells me you will be able to hold it together ;)

MC said...


Happy thanksgiving to you also. Enjoy the holiday.


I don't really buy during downtrend, plus etfc is not in my list.


thanks for visiting. How's the import/export business ;)


Zoomie said...

re: imports...It cuts into my trading. And I really like trading. But, it may be a good thing. Forced me to become a scalper, and I am enjoying it so far. Things always seem to happen for a reason :)