Thursday, October 04, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 10/4: Trades

Bought some PUT option contracts for LDK at average of $5+ before I went out for lunch and just sold it a few minutes ago for $11+...over 100% gain in few hours.

Picked few more MA this morning to increase my position and started a pilot position in NMX around $132. Also bought some more BIDU this morning around $312.

Just so you know not everything so dandy, my GOOG position and CALL options are bleeding some of my gains.


reno said...

Congrats on your LDK puts. I had a nice gain on my NTRI put today 33% drop! Unfortunately I only had 1 PUT contract though since I'm cutting back on my positions due to a lot of loss in the previous months. However a profit is money in the bank so I won't argue with that :)

MC said...


The LDK put option trade was just wild. I did not expect it to drop that much yesterday.

NTRI got clobbered also yesterday.

Ragin' Cajun said...

GOOG not bleeding anymore!

BTW, thanks for the link.