Monday, October 29, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 10/29: Trades

I'm not planning to do any additional trade today because...I ran out of buying power(used all my 3x margin). Plus, I'm just glad to sit and let my positions work towards their natural trend (which is UP).

But if all of a sudden, I get my hand on more buying power, I will focus on the shippers DRYS EXM TBSI and that one country they keep saying is in a bubble...CHINA stocks

Trade well.


William G. Cash said...

DRYS has been a monster for quite some time now, I see it going to 138 this week, easily.

MC said...

DRYS to $138 and beyond

Anonymous said...

Looks like your DRYS-hip is sinking MC. Hope you got out right before the fall this afternoon buddy.

MC said...


My trailing stop took care of it. I started selling some of my shipper positions last Friday and the rest were trailed with stop.