Wednesday, October 24, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 10/24: Trade Plan

I'm going to consolidate my positions...close lagging positions and load up on the fast moving stocks. I'll also move my trailing stops to protect some of my gains and let the positions ride the trend.

Other than what I have above, I'll be signing-off early today because it's my wife's birthday. I have planned a very nice lunch date. Then after that, I will be driving her around for her shop till you drop session. But not to worry, what we'll spend will not come close what I have just gambled on that blood sucking stock called AMZN. For dinner, she reserved for us a nice formal dinner with some dancing. A man has to be cultured once in awhile. I tell you, it is so formal, anything that I planned on wearing might be illegal.

I might also roll the dice on VMW, a previous core position in my porfolio but with the AMZN debacle, I might be trigger shy to pull the trade.

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