Thursday, October 04, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 10/4: WTF happened

Yesterday, my JASO position was clobbered to the tune of 3 point loss, MBT was stopped at break-even, CHL and LFC trailing stop triggers were activated which closed these positional/trend following trades.

CMED, the torn in my portfolio was stopped at break-even which I was very glad because there is no place for slow and lazy movers in my account.

I also sold some of my CELG and CMG position to move some capital to the sidelines. Just in case we are headed for a black swan event of which October is famous for.

I saw a live demo of what VMware (VMW) software can do. I tell you, this is the wave of the future in server hosting. But all that niceties was erased when I saw the chart with that big red cstick. Still, it is one of my core position.

New positions from yesterday are BWLD BX DAKT PCLN MA ISRG. Ragin' Cajun has an excellent write-up on ISRG.

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