Friday, October 12, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 10/12: Trades

I've been nibbling my usual suspects this morning but not yet plunging. I'm currently 2/3 CASH in my account and patiently waiting... for the time will come when a massive capital deployment is necessary.

Good luck to Ugly. He's starting a new phase in his life's journey.

Update [4:20pm]

Trades today...pilot positions only
  1. BIDU @ $307
  2. AAPL @ $164
  3. AMZN @ $90
  4. EXM @ $67
  5. DRYS @ $116
  6. GOOG @ $625
  7. VMW @ $104


Skyb0x said...

Hi Pinoy - nice trades today.... Was the primary reason for entry the pullback to moving avg and then show of strength in morning?

Also, didn't see a moving avg touch in AMZN.

If you have time and you feel like teaching, can you comment on your reason for the buys.


Bemsha Swing said...

Hey Skybox, might be educated guessing with some reversal type C-sticks on 30-minute & daily charts. Like a doji on VMW daily and a 20-day touch from BIDU. Bidu showing a peircing pattern on the daily. There was hammer on Bidu's 30-min which could have given the 307 entry. Low of that was 294, so thats 13/307~4%. If it got back to 360, R w/b~4. Pinoy likes those Hammers! I still look at just daily for entries so I didn't start any new positions yet.

MC said...


Your are right about the pullback set-up to moving average.

AMZN touched down to major support line.

Bemsha swing,

Thanks for visiting.


Kevin H said...

Hi Pinoy,

Great Blog you have here.

DRYS has been on fire these past few months. Good to see it on your list.