Thursday, September 06, 2007

LIVE trading journal for 9/06: Trade Plan

We had a nice run from that pivotal day when almost every stock printed a long HAMMER cstick. The last few days offered a very graceful exit on some of these positions which I did.

I did however took some risk on AAPL yesterday when I decided to keep about 1/4 of my position for the IPOD announcement and I paid the price by giving up about 5 points in my gains.

Currently, I'm holding BIDU CELG NVDA AMZN GRMN EXM DRYS SLB OII and what's remaining of LDK and TNH.

I'm looking to add some more to BIDU and GRMN positions if price action permits.

Hopefully, AMZN and CELG will move sideways for a few days for a good breather and better launching pad for higher prices. I will be all over these stocks when that happens.

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