Friday, August 17, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading journal for 8/17

Well, with the strength of the stock yesterday, I sold all my put options and covered all short positions. I am long on some of the previous leadings stocks (AAPL, BIDU, RIMM, AMZN etc) but these are just pilot positions.

I will expect fed to do something before we plunge into recession. After all, who would want a recession on his term. Plus, there we a lot of positive divergences and 2Bottom yesterday in the intraday action.

I am still holding 25K shares of TMA as a counter-trend play. This stock could just run into $20 area in a snap.

For my day-trades, yesterday was one of my biggest day...25 trades ( 21 wins / 4 losses) with an average 6 points on the wins. No need to tell you how much but if you have to ask, these trades carry 700 shares each.


Anonymous said...

Great trading! -TVH

Anonymous said...


Zoomie said...

Very nice!!

MC said...


Thank you!


Thanks. How's your trading these days?


6 * 700 * 21 = ????

Zoomie said...

My trading is improving as I look for more quality setups, and consult daily charts for every trade. I am also trading 5,15 in addition to 30 minute charts as I was trading almost exclusively before. I guess I am more confident trading, so the lower timeframe is comfortable now. That took a couple years. Thanks for asking ;)