Friday, August 17, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading journal for 8/17: UPDATE

Just arrived in the hotel after a day of boating and some lake activities.

After taking a look at some stock charts, I can just tell that today was a a very uneventful day for many day-traders. I'm glad that I took the day off from trading after 10:00AM and spent it outside of the hotel premises with my family. I spent the past two days in a cabana beside the pool with a very good view of the lake and a very fast and reliable WIFI connection but going outside today was a very good change of scenery for me. Some pics to follow.

One thing I did before we left for the day was to sell my 10K shares of TMA around $15.50 to lock in some gains which brings my remaining position down to 15k shares. I also sold a bunch of call options which I bought yesterday at sub-$1 and sold it today at 3x the value.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for that TMA trade. It got me in around 10 and I rode it for a few bucks profit. You don't understand how much this helped me and allowed me to put food on the table for my family and a little extra spending money. I will be forever debted to you. I hope you continue to throw out these types of gems on occasion.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pinoy,

Thanks for your postings.

I would also like to read some of your bad "trades" and mistakes. Those are the lessons we can learn from a lot.

Thanks in advance!


MC said...


Glad you made money on the TMA trade. Hope you did your due diligence first before getting into the trade. And no need to thank pulled the's you catch.


I also write about my trades that get stopped out but that's just it. I don't look at it as 'bad trades' but rather part of the business of taking risk to reap the rewards.

You can always go back to my previous post and read about my positions that got clobbered or stopped out.