Wednesday, August 08, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading journal for 8/08

First of all, I scrapped my plan to load up on PUT option contracts when most of the stocks that I have options with gaped down in the morning and proceeded to fill the gap plus some more the whole Monday. I just sold all my PUT option as fast as I can and took my profit.

My position in LVS and WYNN paid very well and so I unloaded some yesterday to lock in some profit and to reuse the money to picked up some oil, solar and retailer stocks.

My LMT position got clobbered and was stopped out and my BA and RIMM positions are just taking their time until I run out of patience.

I am now focusing on the shipping, solar and semi-con sector stocks. Notable names would be DRYS, HOS and EXM for shipping; TSL, JASO and FSLR for solar; VSEA and KLAC for semi-con.

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What do you think of LDK?