Friday, August 03, 2007

Book Review: An American Hedge Fund

I received an email early this year from Timothy Sykes, a young manager of the Cilantro Fund and a reality-tv star in Wall Street Warriors which is being aired in MOJO (INHD channel) offering me the chance to have an early look at his book An American Hedge Fund. I gladly accepted his offer and in fairness, he never asked for a good or bias review.

His book was very exciting and enjoyable read which described his market exploits in the world of penny stocks in fine detail and in such clarity. It is a fun read and at the same time very educational for any trader who is still trying to find themselves in the market. He also explained his strategy in simple terms and should be easy for any trader to understand.

The book was written in chronological order starting from his $12,000 bar mitzvah money into a multi-million account which he finally turned into a hedge fund.

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