Friday, July 20, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading journal for 7/20

For the LIVE trading room, I am currently holding 200 shares of AGU for a possible pre-earnings run-up and 100 shares of JASO which should start to move if the momentum in the solar sector gets going again.

As I mentioned in wallstreak yesterday, I closed my GOOG position before the market close because I did not want to risk so more for the earnings announcement plus I don't want to have another debacle like my ICE trade which was profitable already but was forced to close the position when it gapped down for an average of 4 point loss. Right now, I have some positions in KLAC, VSEA, RIMM, CRS, EXC, AGU, DE, AXP and DRYS.

UPDATE: I'm still trying to catch up in my emails so if you emailed me and I did not reply yet, I'm sorry for the late reply. Also I will be writing up my book review for Timothy Sykes' An American Hedge Fund book


Anonymous said...

Hi Pinoy,

How is everything doing in this down market?

Best wishes!


MC said...


I timed out of the market and mostly in cash.