Thursday, July 19, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading journal for 7/19

For the LIVE trading room, I closed the RVBD trade because the stock did not do what I expected it to do and that is to run up before earnings. I sold 300 shares for $26.43.

For the next trade, I purchased 100 shares of AGU yesterday at $46.07 and a buy trigger is waiting to buy another 100 shares at the break of yesterday's high which would be $46.70

I also have another trigger to buy 100 shares of JASO if price crosses $39.60.

Yesterday's post stirred some comments and emails about me turning bearish on a bullish market. I was just trying to imply that raising CASH position and locking some gains the last few days would have been a good strategy. As I have mentioned in wallstreak, I sold some of my positions on the strength to lock some gains and to have a standing capital ready to be used for the next buying opportunity.

[UPDATE 4:50PM] Trigger to buy 100 shares of AGU was filled at $46.85 puting the LIVE trading room position to 200 shares. JASO was triggered and filled at $39.40.


Anonymous said...

Is the 100 shares a trade exactly what your order is? I thought you traded over 500 shares each time usually?

MC said...

100 shares is for the LIVE trading room account only

Glenn said...

Thanks for sharing this stuff, it is very helpful to see how you trade.

Anonymous said...

You got JASO filled at 39.4 while your stop order is 39.6. Do you normally set the stop limit order with the limit price lower than the stop price?

MC said...

Glenn, thanks for visiting.

Anon, It was a stop market order. I don't usually use limit orders.