Wednesday, July 18, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading journal for 7/18

Just a quick note as I'm still trying to get back to my normal routine.

RVBD sucks and semis and steel rocks.

Momentum has faded for now on many of the leading stocks that I have traded but you would have not noticed it if you are just watching the TV instead of the charts. There's a lot of circus going on trumpeting DOW 14K but nobody would mention that underneath, there's a lot of weakness among the stock leaders.



Anonymous said...

Well put! I've been slowly unwinding my RVBD position all week. Unlike RVBD, NIHD has been holding up well the past week. Good luck! -TVH

Teddy DaRussian said...

Pinoy would you say that your looking for short candidates now, b/c you feel the mkt will be do fr a correction - if so what type of scan do you look at for potential shorts - also didn't really understand how you looked for TTTM% in another scanning software - thanks for you insight and help!!!

newequity said...

why are you looking to short this bull market, it shows no signs of letting up. Catching a top is like catching fallin knives.

MC said...

TVH, I finally sold my position in my personal account as well as the one in LIVE trading room.

Teddy, I was just implying that we are in corrective phase. I moved to mostly cash position and ready pounce in if we start to move higher.

NewEquity, you talking to me or teddy?

Anonymous said...

F'n RVBD, I bought back in this morning for a dummy daytrade which is working out well right now. However, I had a lot more calls which I sold yesterday at 46.00. Oh well... -TVH

MC said...

TVH, that was a nice move for RVBD unfortunately, I was out already.