Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trade Review: Long TNH


Anonymous said...

I got into TNH at $100. When a stock moves up so fast in such a short period of time - what is your experience? I know William O'Neil says hold because there is more upside to come. Your thoughts - thanks!

apprentice said...

Hi MC,

Great trade! I'm getting better at understanding why and when you buy.

I'm considering subscribing to Prophet Silver. I'd like to know about your experience with its real-time charts, especially BMO. Do you have NASDAQ Level II?

Thanks a lot!

mc said...

Anon, I started to sell last Friday some to cover my original position is now risk free so I can hold it for the natural trend of the stock.

Apprentince, is great charting service...I did not get level II because I don't have a need for it.