Tuesday, June 19, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading room journal for 6/19

I was getting ready to fire this slacker of a position but it finally showed some potential and some technical reason why I bought it in the first place.

This mid-day trade paid-off rather very well right away. Stop will now be set for the 200 shares to $41.75.

CF trade result

Date Order Size Price Amount
11-Jun BUY 100 $48.49 $4,849.00
12-Jun BUY 100 $49.50 $4,950.00


14-Jun SELL 100 $53.13 $5,313.00
18-Jun SELL 100 $55.49 $5,549.00


Total gain from trade operation --> $1,023.00


Anonymous said...

Good job JC. Not too many doubters left in the room... Thanks for sharing.

apprentice said...

Hi MC,

I've been reading Wallstreak as well, it's very fast-paced in there.

I see your MTRX pick and your comment about it having all the potential of an explosive high growth stock. Could you elaborate on this please?

I've been trying to pick stocks for myself. I found CPX, which is in the same industry with MTRX. Doesn't CPX's chart look more promising 2 days ago? But as it turned out, MTRX already moved up quite a bit. Is it because the EPS growth QoQ and TTM of MTRX is too good?

Thanks a lot for any insight. I wanna be able to spot 5% or 10% runners, just not 3%-4%...

apprentice said...
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Anonymous said...

hey - what do you think of CMI. Entered at the open today?