Friday, June 15, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading room journal for 6/15

That was some move on CF today. I decided to sell 100 shares at $53.13 today to lock in some gains and will leave the 100 as the core position. JCG took the day-off yesterday and decided to pause but the chart looks like it still want to go up.

In my personal trading account, I have been pilling my money up on some of the good movers like GRMN, FCSX, FSLR, SLB, TNH, BIDU, NOV, HANS, FFIV , DO, FTO, SU, MA and FMCN. You can participate in our discussions on most of these buys/sells over there at Wallstreak.

Just like in the LIVE trading room, I usually buy pilot positions on these stocks and just pyramid up once my position is proven to be profitable. For those who sent me emails or posted comments how I found these stocks, you can visit my post "How I prepare for the trading day?".

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