Wednesday, June 13, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading room journal for 6/13

Buy stop for another 100 shares of CF was triggered yesterday which bring the total position size to 200. The stock exhibited strength yesterday despite the carnage in the overall market which indicates that there could be more upside for this stock.

On my personal trading account, I have started to take some day trades yesterday as this market enters into a possible transitional phase. I might post some charts of my day trades if time permits. Overall, I took 7 daytrades (4 short & 3 long) yesterday resulting into +9R.

[Edit 9:37am] Forgot to mention that my buy stop for 100 shares of JCG was also triggered yesterday at $50.73 for the LIVE trading room.


Teddy DaRussian said...

please post the day trades - very interested in them, thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi MC,

Forgive my ignorance, what's your definition of +9R?



apprentice said...

Hi MC,

As I noticed, you don't only buy/add at new highs, but also buy/add after the first consolidation and a first confirmation sign that the stock might continue the uptrend, as the case with CF. Is that right?

I also would like to know your stop and target price for CF and JCG.

Do you think GES might behave like JCG, ie. it's about to move soon?

Thanks a lot!

mc said...

I just did. I hope that it can be of help to you.


R is a normalize way of expressing 9R means that I have taken home 9 times RISK amount. TraderMike have a good explanation of R.


You are right on both observations. GES could start moving also.