Thursday, June 07, 2007

not real-time LIVE trading room journal for 6/7

HANS is still in the congestion range but the price action yesterday atleast showed that some strong hands are holding this stock. I would just keep the protective stop at the original leve l for the 100 shares. I also have and standing order to buy 100 more at market price if it crosses above $41.25

Buy order for 100 shares of FMCN was filled at $45.55 on 6/5 but the position was closed yesterday when the price plunged below the top of the box. Position was closed at $44.37 which is below yesterday's cstick. The trade yielded a -$118 for a total loss of -$138 including transaction fees.


reno said...

Thanks for the posts! I'm learning a lot from them and how to apply similar trade trigger strategies to trading my own account which is pretty small at the moment though of around 5k.

Anonymous said...

pinoy makes 5k in an hour. No need to speak up with that small of a bankroll.

Prospectus said...

STFU, Anon.

Reno, speak up all day long. :)

mc said...


Glad to know that my you're getting something from my blog. Account size is's how you trade that counts.

Anon, be nice.

Prospectus, good luck on your switch to swing trading.