Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stalking stock for LIVE trading room: HANS

HANS, a high growth sugared water selling company is basing after last years big drop. The price action since has been favorable for possible price appreciation. The key catalyst for this price appreciation will be the company's product distribution strategy and expansion to other markets outside US. Could hot summer temperature also help this company?

I will place a MARKET ORDER to BUY 100 shares at market price if and when the price crosses $40.50. Stop will be set at $38.50


Prospectus said...

I see a triangle forming on the daily, starting on 5/7 (the high volume day), and I see that your stop ($38.50) is below the triangle slope.

My question is: Why now, and why not on 5/23? How do you know it's time? Maybe you'll cover this more as the trade goes along.

Anonymous said...

welcome back big man. felt like it was forever but so glad to have you back.

alex g.

Tyro said...

Pinoy, you talk about catalysts for growth. Are you saying that you consider news when evaluating a setup, or is this just a narrative flourish? Do you consider fundamental information when making your final buy decisions?

mc said...

Prospectus and Tyro, I will write upa post to answer your questions.

AlexG, how have the market been treating you. Its good to be back for sure.