Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Open Positions and Trades for 5/9

RIMM - sold 1/2 at $154 to lock some gains. A few days of consolidation is in order for this high flier.

MA - sold 1/2 at $142 to lock some gains. $150 price target is looking tasty.

- NARROW RANGE csticks...price contraction leads to price expansion

ICE - picked-up a few more on today's move

- started building my position from $31 and has bought 2 more times since then

IBM - just added to my position at $103.90 but the price action is less than desirable

- after a slow start, this position is finally showing some potential

HANS - if only this company gives out free sugared water drinks to every trader who has a position or is looking into getting some, this stock could be jumping all over by now from all the sugar rush

- my daughter said their product is so ugly it looks cool! Go figure

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