Thursday, April 26, 2007

Trade Update: Sold remaining WFR @ $59.95 - AH

Here is the reason why entered into this position trade. It then offered 2nd and 3rd buy points to increase my position. Closed the position on 2 separate trades before the earnings on 4/26. Sold the reamining shares after hours when price drop after release of earnings.

Trade Details:

1st buy @ $56.50 on 3/10/2007
2nd buy @ $60.45 on 4/4/2007
3rd buy @ $60.70 on 4/17/2007

Sold 1/2 of position @ $66.24 on 4/25/2007
Sold the remaining positions leaving on 500 shares prior to earnings @ $68.28 on 4/26
Sold 500 shares @ $59.95 AFTER HOURS on 4/16


OBAT said...

Hey MC,

It seems you have been swing trading lately. Are you going to get back to day trading one of these days?

But either way, you seem to do very well.

Anonymous said...

why day trade when the pinoy is pulling in high six figures ytd....



Hi MC,

I love the Blog...learning tons and love seeing make big money in the market. It gives me a focus.
Keep doing what you do!

mc said...


I switched timeframe a few months earlier so that I can have more time with my 18-month old son.


mc said...


It's a matter of choice to swithc time-frame. But there are several ways to skin the trading can be one.


Thanks and I hope that I helps you in your trading.