Thursday, April 12, 2007

Trade: Long GROW @ $29.60

Entered a pilot buy at $29.60 after the intra-day 30-min chart printed a HAMMER cstick along 38% retracement and minor support area in the daily chart. Will add to position when price clears the top of the latest swing high at $35.


Anonymous said...

Hi MC,

In previous postings you mentioned that you place trade triggers the night before. But in certain cases such as here with GROW you posted an intraday chart and your entry based on intraday conditions.

So is it the case that your entries are discretionary for these day trades and not automatic with trade triggers? And at what intervals throughout the day do you check the intraday charts? Also do you view those intraday charts during the day via Ameritrade or charts?


mc said...


Yesterday was an exception because I was able to look intra-day from home. On most cases, I use trade triggers because I'm at work.

I used charts intra-day.

Anonymous said...

ok thxs for the info! Happy trading :)