Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Trade Activities for 4/23

Closed the following position

GOOG @ $483
NYX @ $88.70
BOT @ $195

Bought the following

THE @ $41.35 ( Breakout - FLAG)
ENR @ $91 (NR cstick -volatility contraction/expansion set-up)


Anonymous said...

hey how did you get THE at 41.35?

Anonymous said...

why does it seem like your big winners (ENR/THE) are always posted after they have gone +1 - +10 pts in your direction, I know you dont have to justify this, but this is exactly why people often question the validity of your results

Anonymous said...

There was a total of 5 executions that day at 41.35 occuring at 9:40AM for 1700 shares.

mc said...

Anon 1:31PM,

By buying it at $41.35.

Anon 1:35pm,

Don't really care about what everbody else out there thinks/critisism. Does it really changes the fact that I bought the stock and it run-up. Also, I don't write blogs for a living and I don't have time to keep updating/posting for others. As I have always said, the blog is for my personal use only.

Anon 11:20pm,

Thanks. My order got filled in multiple blocks from $41.35 thru $41.47.


Anonymous said...

Hi MC. You get so much heat but you are truely a class act. I have finally started turning profits in my accounts and it's all thanks to you. You have opened my eyes and I have finally started to see what you are seeing. I don;t waste my days analyzing at what price you bought a stock like some people do here. I just try to understand why you bought it. Actually a lot of my trades are totally different stocks just the pattern looks the same. So thanks for sharing. To all those complainers out there. Just look at the big picture here and learn. Stop complaining and you might learn something. happy trading to all!

Alex G.

Anonymous said...

Hi MC,

I've been reading your blog for a while. I've made some profit thanks to you, especially the AMZN today, Thank you so much! I'm trying to understand why and when you buy through the charts, as I don't wanna be a passive trader. You don't have to cite the patterns, but that'd be helpful if you could. Again, thanks a lot!

mc said...


As always, you got my back again and I thank you for that. Turning profitable has more to do with and your attitude than my posting here.

Anon 10:35pm,

I'll try my best to post anotated charts. YOu can also look at previous trades for pattern in my trades.