Thursday, March 15, 2007

Trade Review: Long FSLR @ $45.50

Solar power stocks has been on a tear lately and this stock is no different. It doubled in 2 months and the then corrected down close to its 30-day moving average. Bought 3,000 shares when price cleared the HAMMER reversal on 3/6. Closed the position on 3/13 when price started to retrace after a 10% move after the breakout.

Trade Details:

Bought 3000 shares @ $45.50 on 3/06/2007
Sold 3000 shares @ $56.52 on 3/13/2007 for a gain of +11.02 points. A 24% return.


Anonymous said...

Hi MC. Any word on sharing your trading routine with us? thanks.

Alex G.

Anonymous said...

Nice trade! That gives me an idea to setup some scans to look for hammers.

Anonymous said...

why only 3000 shares?

Babak said...

Were you influenced by Tony Oz?
your style reminds me of him.

Anonymous said...

Great swing trade. Nice job! -TVH

mc said...

Alex, I started writing the post but I need to edit/rewrite some part before posting.

Anon1, happy hunding for the hammers!
Anon2, I'm commiting 1/2 of my lot due to market conditions.

babak, I never ready saw Tony OZ's setups but I guest the setups tend to look the same.

TVH, thanks!