Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daily Journal 3/14

I covered most of my short positions today when the intra-day price actions created a 2Bottom price along major support lines for these stocks. Short positions I covered were ICE, BSC, GOOG, FMCN, LM, BIDU.


J said...


Did you short GOOG, BSC etc. on 3/13 instead of the homebuilders (LEN, RYL, HOV) because they had a higher ATR than the homebuilders? They all had nice bear flags so any of them would of worked well.

Great trades!

mc said...


I shorted those on 3/13 after break of the lower trendline of the flag.


J said...

MC: Thanks for your response but what I specifically was asking was if one of the reasons you chose to short GOOG etc. (aside from a break of a trendline) instead of other stocks is because the ATR is larger than other stocks that were also breaking down from trendlines/flags?

What I am after is this: if given the choice between 3 stocks that have trendline breaks and higher ATR than 3 stocks that have similar trendline breaks and a little lower ATR would you go with the 3 stocks that have the higher ATR because of the higher ATR or does it matter to you?