Monday, February 05, 2007

What I learned from posting my trade journal

To all those who sent me email or posted comments asking me about the tools, trading and scanning softwares I used. I will have a separate post for it. I'm not ignoring your emails, I just need some time to organize my thoughts.

By using a blogsite as my journal
  1. I unintentionally helped other traders
  2. I received several encouragement
  3. I received several emails expressing gratitude
  4. I joined a virtual community of traders willing to help each other and others who are willing to become better
  5. I also received a few scorn for showing my P/L
  6. I also received a few criticism for not showing the trade real-time ( which is never really possible...either I blog about the trade or take the trade and post it later).
  7. That I have a lot of journalistic shortcomings and inexcusable gaffe (borrowed from tyrotrader)
  8. I learned that blogging really takes a lot of time


Tyro said...

"unintentionally helped other traders" - very well said :)

Welcome to the community. I hope you know the "inexcusable gaffe" was solidly tongue-in-cheek, and you can find some way to let blogging fit into your life.

mc said...

thanks for your kind words.

Trade well!!!

Anonymous said...

MC...I totally enjoy reading your blog and check it throughout the day. It keeps me excited to know that there are traders out there doing well and extracting money from the market! It keeps me focused and wanting to become a better trader. If you can find the time, please keep blogging. Your blog has become a part of my work day.

Keep killing the market and passing on your experience, it helps us less experienced traders.


mc said...


I'm glad that my journal is helping you. I'll try my best to keep it updated.


Trader Gav said...

I enjoy your interview with Stocktickr, and your blog.

Keep it up.

btw,don't let the comments from some ill-minded readers affect you.

Anonymous said...

Why would someone scorn you because you showed your profit and loss? The person who said that is one insecure individual.

I, for one, would like to see your p&l just so long as its the truth. Why not post a picture of the actual screen or the trade ticket? I see people do that all the time on other websites.

My opinion is that you should post as much detail as possible because your helping us all out. That help is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

mc said...

I just posted trade ticket of my latest trade. Frankly, my P/L is nobody's business

MikeB said...

"Frankly, my P/L is nobody's business"

I agree. Further, it actually doesn't matter whether the trade was actually taken or not for it to be educational.

Trading is about finding repetitive behavior that can exploited. As part of your journal, you're highlighting charts that have similar patterns.

My opinion: Just keep your journal as it is (your journal). If others don't find anything worth reading, that's their problem since this is your journal. ;o)

Best wishes.

mc said...

well said MikeB.

Anonymous said...

When an athlete is in front of the crowd, he usually plays harder.

In high school, I never ran a sub-10 minute 2 mile in practice. It was only when I was placed in front of my peers, in front of an audience, was I forced to work harder.

Posting the details of your trades, the P&L, the tickets, etc. should make you work harder now that you have an audience.

All those people who rain down on your parade have a low self-esteem. They see someone who is successful and want to bring them down.

As for myself, I love to see when someone is a success. I have seen enough poor people in my lifetime. Its time to see someone make it.

Bubs said...

Keep up the good work Pinoy. I enjoy looking over the charts you post every night. They have helped me a ton. I trade in a similar fashion and its good to know that your are almost perfect at it.

Anonymous said...

MC.. I really like reading your blog, almost same setup and make good profit every day.

A chinese old woman seat next to my tradestaton, enjoy her chinese moive every two hours. She adjust her setup every 2 hours and make 5000 a week every single week by long and short QQQQ 5000 shares in two different accounts at same time including overnight. Take the money from the market like ATM with her maths graphic line of QQQQ.
Anything can be poosible in this Market.

Bill C

Whai said...

This last post by billc made absolutely no sense. A chinese lady basically went long and short the same etf and made $5000 per week. Does anyone else understand this.....

Anonymous said...

Whai.. She adjust the shares every 2 hours between long and short in a day to capture the up and down.
5000 shares for overnight in flat day, Sell or cover in differnt direction every 2 hours according her graphic chart line with market movement.
I did not beleive it too.
But she get a check everyweek for almost 3 years, I try to understand the movement of her method. But she laugh and did not share the story.
She only short or long QQQQ every 2 hours in two accounts with differnt shares.

Bill C

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great - I learn a lot from it and encourage you to continue, for my own benefit.

The blogging world requires thick skin for the blogger and a grain of salt for the readers .... everyone using Internet knows that.

Maybe just don't post the p&l dollar amts if that is an issue (elitetraders pnl thread posts dollars), maybe just post % gain - your numbers surely look good to those of us beginning.

Thank you for your contribution and I ask you to overlook the 'lesser' comments - they can go read other blogs.

Good Luck.

Bullish Jim said...

You have a great blog, Pinoy. I learn something every time I come here. Thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Well, I think that he shouldn't change a single thing. The blog is perfect the way it is. His PnL is his way of keeping his records. He keeps track of his trades: entry, exit and PnL. I have learned sooo much just watching your trading diary. Please keep blogging your diary and please don't change anything. thanks MC!

Alex G.

Anonymous said...

mde said...

I hope you continue posting the way you have been. Do not worry about the naysayers who say things to try and feel better about themselves. What you contribute daily is greatly appreciated by me and others that read your blog daily.

mc said...


Thanks for all your kind words.

Trade Well!!!