Friday, February 02, 2007

Trade: Long ICE @ $139.98

Entry @ $139.98 / 1000


Anonymous said...

was it the lack of movement in the first candlestick ? it seems the 2 day 30 min. chart is your favorite..why?
i'm just trying to learn from the pro!

mc said...


any post with TRADE header is based on a daily chart and entries are mostly automated using trade triggers. For DAY TRADES, I use 5/2 days only because there is now need to look at more than 5 days. I studied these stocks already before the market open, so I have a good picture of the long-term (daily) trend, suppport and resistance.

IIO said...

Wow, you have great results. I hope I can trade that well some day. I think you should rename your babysteps fund to GaintLeaps fund or something more fittng.

mc said...

thanks iio...I just try to trade my system day in and day out