Friday, February 02, 2007

Day Trade: Long RVBD 30-min chart

Entry @ $32.15 / 700

Entry : $32.15

Size : 700

Exit : $33.52

Stop Loss : $31.83

Risk : 0.32

P/L : $959.00

R : 4.28


Anonymous said...

Just read your interview @ stocktickr.
Question for you. Any reason all the size of trades is 700?

mc said...

I like to cap my positions to 700 to make it simple...ince my money management method dictates me to take a max of $700/day trade only

It also always me to take more trades because if say I just need to risk .5R on a trade and I will say double my position, there is a risk that the position will not move and will tie up my capital.