Thursday, February 08, 2007

Daily Journal 2/8

Today, I took 4 day trades of which 1 was stopped right away for a loss. I was also forced to close my RVBD position trade.

Total Trades taken today:4(day trades)
Day trade Winners :3
Day trade Losers :1
R Total: +11
Total daytrade Points for today: +10.16


john said...

I miss seeing the actual dollar amounts you make everyday. I know it caused quite a stir, but it was an inpsiration to many. Keep up the great trading!

mc said...

Yes it definitely did stir some controversies but it was not intentional. I decided to remove it and instead replaced it with POINTS made on the day....more universally accepted way I guess.

Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

hey boss, what kind of system are you using to input your trades. I see that you say you don't spend time watching them, so does your system allow you to put in a stop loss and a higher limit order and if one fills it cancels the other one? -

mc said...


Most of my BUY are STOP MARKET trades executed thru trade triggers. If a trade get's executed, I receive a text message in my MOTOQ so I manually set the STOP LOSS. I just manually close all positions before the close.